We held the first meeting of 2022 in Antalya Titanic Hotel Lara.

Our evaluation meeting, which we hold at the beginning of each year, in which the previous year is evaluated and our new year goals are announced, was this year in Antalya Titanic Hotel Lara. Between 17 February 2022 and 20 February 2022, our entire sales team spent 4 full days with the participation of our 5 valuable suppliers. Mr. Serdar Aslan, General Manager of Febi TR, and Mr. Mert Peközer, Sales Manager; From Kale Radytör, Turkey Sales Manager Engin Işık, Sales Officer Sercan Boz and Marketing Specialist Derya Karakuş; Mann Hummel Sales Manager Mr. Ömer Yüksel and Business Development Manager Mr. Alpaslan Aydoğan; We would like to thank Supsan Engine Valves Regional Manager İbrahim Yeşildeniz and Valeo Turkey Marketing Manager Gürkan Günaltay for their participation and valuable information.